Hello, my name is Sonali Zaveri.
I am a product designer/developer living in London.

I am currently working at OpenGov designing budgeting and performance tools for local governments. As a designer/developer, I'm also responsible for maintaining our design system, keeping our products accessible, and developing other tools for our UX and engineering teams.

I'm available for non-profit work, if you're in need!
You can reach out to me via LinkedIn or at sonalidzaveri@gmail.com.

Oracle Utilities - Vision of a Customer Information System

Oracle Utilities

Vision of a Customer Information System

Design a tool for call center representatives that enables them to easily navigate a customer's information, answer questions and reduce the number of tools they rely on.

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Oracle Utilities - Home Energy Report, Neighbor Rank

Oracle Utilities

Home Energy Report, Neighbor Rank

Create a variation of our Home Energy Report for customers that are regularly told their usage is above average and have become demotivated or upset with their current report.

Email me for details
BetterHelp - Peer-to-peer messaging platform


Peer-to-peer messaging platform

Create a peer-to-peer messaging platform within an online therapy platform that gives customers a chance to learn from each other and another resource to use while waiting for a response from their counselor.

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HP Enterprise - Design system

HP Enterprise

Design system

Create a pattern library for an online software marketing platform to improve the quality of the product and reduce friction between designers and engineers.

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UC Davis PHEV - Electric vehicle budget calulator


Electric vehicle budget calculator

Create a tool that allows potential EV buyers to compare the cost of their current vehicle against an EV and determine if the vehicle has the battery power to fit within their lifestyle.

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Engineering training tools

Conduct interviews to gain a better understanding of how Google engineers use the internal resources available to them and redesign those tools to better fit their needs.

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